What is a colposcopy?

A colposcopy is a visual gynaecological examination of the cervix and vagina done with a magnifying optical device called colposcope (microscope), which helps detect inflammatory, precancerous or cancerous lesions.

The physician will sometimes perform a guided biopsy. This involves taking minuscule samples of the cervix wall, which will then be placed on a slide for analysis through a microscope. The examination lasts about 15 minutes.

When is a colposcopy needed?

  • When pap smears are revealed to be abnormal.
  • When a visual examination without pap smears reveals suspected cellular abnormalities. Malignant cells can be seen through a microscope.
  • When lesions have already been detected and treated.
  • To determine the origin of some types of bleeding, especially bleeding provoked by sexual intercourse.

After a colposcopy:

A rest period is not necessary after a colposcopy. Normally, you can continue your normal daily activities. If a biopsy has been performed, some bleeding may occur for one or two days. Avoid sexual intercourse in the three days following the examination.

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