Medical abortion

At the Clinique De l’Alternative medical abortion, the pregnancy interruption done through medications, is available up until 63th day (9 weeks) of pregnancy counted from the first day of the last menstrual cycle.

The doctor will proceed to a physical exam and an ultrasound to insure that the pregnancy is under 9 months. If the pregnancy is under 63 days and a medication abortion is suited for you, our team will start the treatment.

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Surgical Abortion

A surgical abortion does not require any incisions, it is an voluntary interruption of the pregnancy where the fetus and placenta is removed by an intervention done in 3 steps: Dilation, aspiration, and curettage. This technique is the most practiced and very safe.

Surgical abortion requires a single appointment and takes one hour (from arrival to leaving the premises).

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Number of weeks of pregnancy

At the clinic, it is possible to proceed to an abortion between the first 5 to 12 weeks of pregnancy. If you are over 12 weeks, we can refer you to an appropriate place to receive the service and care needed.

To determine the number of weeks of pregnancy, start counting the weeks from the first day of your last menstrual cycle.

At La Clinique de l’Alternative, surgical abortion can be done from 5 to 12 weeks of pregnancy whereas the medical abortion can be done between 5 to 9 weeks of pregnancy.

When booking an appointment, the receptionist will gives you all the information and recommendations needed along with the day you will need to confirm the appointment. You will need to confirm your presence or cancel the appointment by phone 48h before the appointment.

Scheduling an appointment

Before making and appointment an abortion, you need to have done a home pregnancy test. Once the pregnancy is confirmed and you have made up your mind to terminate the pregnancy, we will be able to schedule you for an appointment quickly.

Pregnancy termination is offered only by appointment. Contact us :

514 281 6476

La clinique de l’alternative is situated at :

2034 rue St-Hubert
H2L 3Z5

During the scheduling of the appointment, we will ask you the date of your last menstrual cycle, your medical card number if you hold one, your weight, and your personal details.

All different types of abortions are offered through appointment only. It is possible to go through the procedure alone but it is preferable to be accompanied when you leave the premises as if you choose surgical abortion, you will not be able to drive for the next 24h. If you are alone, you can also opt for a home going by taxi. If you choose to be accompanied throughout the procedure please mention it when scheduling your appointment. The meeting with the intervener and the resting period will remain unaccompanied.

Day of appointment:

Arrive 15 minutes before the given time of the appointment in a fasting state of 4 hours (no food nor drink).

At arrival, you will need to have your Medicare card (RAMQ), your document stating ownership of the federal health intermediate program (Blue Cross), or a faxed transitional attestation from the RAMQ for the opening of your file. Fees will be applicable if you are not eligible to either of the mentioned options.

An explanatory document of the two methods of abortion will be remitted and a medical questionnaire will have to be filled.

We will proceed to a pregnancy test even if you had already been tested therefore you will need to provide a sample of your urine on site.

One of our team member will lead you to your consultation and you will be welcomed in the greatest respond, in a warm atmosphere.

Two methods of abortion

Which one to choose?
There are two types of pregnancy interruption : the medical abortion and the surgical abortion. Attached is a comparative table to help you make your choice. Keep in mind that your choice has to be approved by the doctor and you must be eligible for medical abortion because contraindications might exclude this method.

Comparative table

Surgical abortion

Medical abortion

Number of pregnancy weeks Between 5 to 12 weeks Up to 9 weeks

Calculated according to your ultrasound

Technique Dilatation – aspiration – curetage 1 mifepristone tablet

4 misoprostol tablets 24-48 hours after the intake of mifepristine

Place At the Clinique de L’Alternative for a maximum of 2 hrs Prescription remitted at the clinic

Expulsion is done at home

<b”>Number of appointment One appointment 2 minmum mandatory appointments
Duration of abortion 4 to 5 minutes Up to a few days after taking the 2 different kind of tablets
Number of absence day for work or school 1 day 2 to 3 days
Failure rate 1% 2%  to 4.8%
Pain Light to moderate cramps during the intervention Moderate to severe cramps up to a few hours
Pain relief method Instantly controlled by intravenous drugs Controlled by medicated tablets>
Bleeding None or light to moderate but less abundant than menstrual bleeding for about 1 week Moderate to abundant
A lot more abundant than usual menstrual bleeding for up to 10 to 16 days
Confidentiality A file is created at the clinic and is accessible only by our staff and the Régie de l’assurance-maladie du Québec. A file is created at the clinic and is accessible only by our staff and the Régie de l’assurance-maladie du Québec.

For all questions

Feel free to contact us during our opening hours by calling 514-281-9848 OR 514-281-6476


To contact us

Please note that we no longer offer walk-in consultations. To facilitate booking an appointment, please ensure you have your Quebec health insurance card on hand.

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