Male condom

Male condom

Male condom are very affordable, over-the-counter, and used only during sexual intercourse. They are worn on the penis during sex or oral sex and comes in a variety of size, texture, colors, and flavors. For a greater sexual sensations and enhancement of pleasure for both partners, the condom is offered in a wide range of lubricants (i.e. warm tingling sensation, silicone-based, orgasm controlling, etc.)

Most condoms are made from latex but some are latex-free and made out of polyurethane and polyisoprene. All the different types of male condom are very effective against most sexually transmitted diseases (STIs).

How does it work?

The male condom is worn on the penis during the sexual act and should be worn for any skin-to-skin contact between genital parts. The condom acts as a physical barrier and prevents any contact between the penis and vagina. It also prevents all bodily liquid exchanges and traps sperm inside the condom to be thrown away after sex.

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  • Failure rate by actual use: 180 women over 1000 in the course of first year usage
  • Failure rate by theoretical use: 20 women over 1000 in the course of first year usage
  • Accessible and sold over-the-counter
  • Low cost
  • Protect again most STIs
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Latex-free option
  • Effective
  • Both partners participate in its usage
  • Non-Hormonal
  • Can be used with other contraceptive method to increase the effectiveness of birth control
  • Can prevent premature ejaculation
  • Decrease the risks of cervix cancer
  • Must be handy and within reach before having sex
  • Must be stored and handled with care (expiry date has to be verified)
  • Might decrease the spontaneity of the sexual act
  • Can slide or break/pierced during while having sex
  • Can decrease sensations and pleasure for both partners.
  • Might disrupt erection
  • Shared responsibility